ZTE’s crowd-sourced Project CSX down to 5 final ideas, a stock Android flagship leads

ZTE had this idea this year of crowd-sourcing ideas for a device that it will add to its 2017 lineup of products – they called it Project CSX, which stands for “crowd sourced X” and X there is the mystery device that people suggest and vote for. This project mainly comes from the boost in visibility that ZTE has found in the US market with their great 2016 product lineup. Don’t look now, but we might be getting a stock Android Nougat flagship phone from ZTE next year.

There are 5 final ideas left in the race, and really, the stock Android flagship is the easiest to manufacture. The other ideas include a smartphone that responds to eye movement, smartphone covers that extend features much like the Moto Mods idea, an exo-glove that can control your fingers for use in rehab settings – all powered by your Android phone, and a VR headset that works underwater.


But leading that race – and logically the easiest to build – will be a flagship smartphone that features stock Android, and probably Nougat. That would be interesting to see, especially as it will come face to face with the premium Nougat features of Google’s own Pixel phones. Aside from being stock Android, this flagship smartphone should feature a robust spec sheet and a great camera.

If you want to push that idea more, check out the source link below and vote. ZTE has promised the Project CSX will be part of their 2017 product lineup, so let’s see what it turns up.